All profiles are multi-chamber plastic PVC-U (polyvinyl chloride) with a high load capacity with guaranteed minimum wall thickness. The large support chambers are made to withstand the steel reinforcements. PVC does not pose risks tot the health of the populace or the environment being 100% recyclable. Moreover, these structures have an average lifespan of over 25 years.

Besides the usual systems, we also manufacture more complex PVC systems: balcony enclosing, terraces enclosing, sliding doors and windows, etc.

The profiles are extruded rigid PVC, flame retardant, UV stabilized, with flat or rounded sides and marked in manufacturing, protected with adhesive tape made from an unleaded substance based on calcium and zinc. They have a depth of 60mm or 70mm, are sealed with EPDM gaskets inserted directly into the groove during the extrusion process or seals placed after the actual construction of a particular piece.

The latching rods are ornamental and the extruded gaskets are white, gray or black, depending on the client’s choice, and the final woodwork is flawlessly polished to suit customer requirements.


The profiles are available in a number of colors. The pigmentation process is achieved by using weather-resistant and photo-stable sheets, which are permanently applied on the profiles.

Beside the usual colors, mahogany, nut tree, golden oak, white, we offer a large variety of acrylic colors.