Aluminum Joinery

For years, architects and builders have used aluminum windows due to the overall resilience and value over time.

Thanks stiffness, durability and narrow bezel, aluminum joinery can be configured in a variety of combinations.

aluminum joinery ensures the easy maintenance, the color remains unchanged over time (are painted in electrostatic field). Is virtually unlimited color palette featuring outstanding architectural possibilities.

Poza RAL

The aluminum profiles have the specific resistance of metals so they do not need additional reinforcement.

In the past, aluminum windows main disadvantage was that they were not energy efficient thermal but nowadays the polyamide barrier eliminates the thermal conductivity of metal, providing a heat coefficient close to that of PVC systems. It also provides comfort with optimal sound insulation.

Aluminum Joinery – Curtain Walls System

The curtain wall is the system plating with the highest degree of tightness and weather resistance available today.

The aluminum curtain wall and glass is a marvel of engineering and architecture. A system of glass and completely noncombustible aluminum requires minimal maintenance and offers years a unique aesthetic quality and performance in energy conservation. Is the most advanced system available for building exterior wall.


The wide range of profiles meet all the requirements of contemporary architecture. The system offers solutions with different levels of energy performance, allowing the use of glass and making it possible to triple its application for houses or buildings with low energy consumption. In addition, they can be integrated different types of openings: parallel opening windows to the outside, outward opening windows, casement windows with concealed tilt-turn, and opening in the roof.