Sprouses or ornaments from glass windows give style and elegance in the best way so that you can give your home a very personal touch.
We manufacture sprouses of various types, sizes and shapes, PVC or aluminum. Şprosele integrated and used as a decorative element, place it between two glass panes of the package, which allows easy maintenance of the window. They may have different thicknesses (8, 18 or 26mm) and come in different colors – white, golden, golden oak.

Interior PVC sills

Applied to the interior, PVC sills are not just a stylistic element but also an effective protection against moisture windowsill and shocks. They come in widths ranging between 100 mm and 300 mm.

Aluminium Exterior sills

Aluminium jambs and masonry façade protects your home, around windows, weatherproofing, water and dirt. Powder coating paint confers resistance, lasting a lifetime.

Insect Nets

Insect nets provide maximum protection against mosquitoes and other insects without requiring the use of insecticides. They are characterized by very good reliability, the mesh is made from fiberglass and aluminum frame profiles, easy maintenance, good visibility outside, permanent air exchange between interior and exterior.
Depending on customer preferences and budget options we offer three main types of insect nets: fixed, hinged-fastened and mobile.